claudia's cafe, morwell

An intimate, quality cafe that knows the meaning of the word "hospitality".


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Lasagna:  Home made rich, creamy lasagna, chips & salad

Quiche:  Choice of home made quiche, chips & salad

Hot potato with the lot:  Home made coleslaw, bacon, tasty cheese & light sour cream 

Chicken fillet sandwich:  Crumbed breast fillet, cheese, tomato, lettuce & mayo

Crispy chicken wrap:  Chicken strips, grated cheese & carrot, tomato, lettuce, cucumber & mayo

Caesar Wrap: Chicken strips, spinach, bacon, cheese, tomato & Caesar dressing

Lamb Tzatziki Wrap: Seasoned lamb, tomato, onion, lettuce, toasted

Lamb Bacon Wrap: Seasoned lamb, bacon, tomato, onion, lettuce, Greek yoghurt, sweet chili, toasted

Lamb Antipasto Wrap: Seasoned lamb, spinach, lettuce, tomato, carrot, cheese, antipasto sauce, toasted

Warm Lamb Salad: Seasoned lamb, spinach, lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, Tzatziki dressing

Nachos:  Crisp corn chips, melted tasty cheese, light sour cream & mild salsa

Wedges:  Seasoned potato wedges, light sour cream & mild salsa

Chips:  Golden fried chips



Chicken:  97% fat-free breast chicken, tasty cheese, semi-dried tomatoes, red onion, sweet chili & mayo

Ham:  Fresh ham, tomato, pineapple, tasty cheese & chutney

Turkey:   Turkey, spinach, cranberry, cream cheese

Vegetarian:  Spinach, red onion, mushroom, tasty cheese, tomato, Aioli



Starting from $3.80 Toasties starting from $4.10


Coffee & Tea

Cappuccino, latte, flat white, decaf, hot choc, mochaccino, hazelnut mochaccino

Long black/short black, Chai,Hazelnut hot white choc, pot of loose leaf tea

Earl Gray & English Breakfast, herbal teas, Kies (flavoured) Teas


Cold Drinks


Iced Coffee & Iced Chocolate (or any other flavour!)


Iced Chai


Cakes & Slices

Home made passionfruit sponge & cup of tea or coffee

Lots of home made goods available



Raisin toast

Egg & Bacon Sandwich or Muffin

Toasted Sandwiches

Full Egg & Bacon Breakfast, including cuppa

Big Brekkie, including cuppa

Lucy's Eggs

Lamb Brekkie Wrap

And more....