claudia's cafe, morwell

An intimate, quality cafe that knows the meaning of the word "hospitality".

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  • "Lovely food and beautiful, polite service. Great friendly atmosphere - I would recommend them above all cafes in Morwell. Five star service and great food. Love them and the caf..."
    Ilana Leeds
    LV FLO
  • "Pam's Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich and my Quiche, Chips and Salad were as good as they come. And the chips were crisp and HOT. Delish. Glad we visited."
    Pam and Rudi Leibel
    Very pleased first-time customers

claudia's cafe, Morwell -

change of direction

In 2007, I had to change from a sedentary working life to a semi-active one and, oh my goodness, be careful what you wish for!  I bought this beautiful cafe and embarked on the next phase of life with some trepidation, but also excitement and enthusiasm.  In that time, we've grown from three staff members to seven; we've built up a tremendous rapport with our local community and have really solidified our goal to be good value, great quality and, above all, make people feel welcome when they step through the door.  


We've managed to secure the very, very best workers on this earth - bar none!  They put in so much effort and energy that it never fails to move me when I think of how lucky I am to have them.  


To be finalists for three years in the Bendigo Bank Gippsland Business of the Year Awards was extraordinary enough, but to then win the Best Dining Experience/best cafe in the Latrobe Business Tourism Association Awards two years running was out of this world!  This was a people's choice Award and it meant more than I can ever put into words to have our people vote for us in large numbers, showing their passion for the cafe in such a beautiful way.  


We've had a lot of sore feet along the way and we have certainly spent way too many hours to count too busy to breathe during a particularly busy lunch time, but wouldn't have it any other way. 

A great night at the LCBTA People's Choice Awards